The Legacy of the Queen

Students reflect on the impact of Queen Elizabeth II’s death


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Queen Elizabeth II at her 90-year-old birthday party. She will pass the monarchy on to her 4 children and 8 grandchildren.

Grace Warner and Fiona Kenny

On Thursday, Queen Elizabeth II died at 96. After a 70-year reign, she stands as the longest ruling monarch in England. 

“There is, surprisingly, a huge sense of loss for me,” said junior Deirdre Kenny. “I’m not very connected to England, but she was truly an extraordinary figure to look up to,”

While students may not be directly affected by the queen’s death, reflecting on the recent event is important, according to sophomore Niamh Powell. 

“The queen’s legacy is something generations will remember, and someone I think everyone should honor,” Powell said. “She has always been a source of inspiration for my whole family, and I’m sure many others,” 

Being Britain’s longest serving monarch is not an easy task, and her lifetime of loyalty to the crown and her people proves this, according to sophomore Phoebe Brockway. The power she gave to many women to use their voices is remembered through countless individuals.

“She will always be an icon, I think, especially for women,” Brockway said. “I think because I was born with her always being this icon, the sudden loss of her is very surprising.”

The queen is currently being held at St. Giles’ Cathedral in Edinburgh, Scotland, but she will be buried next to her husband, Philip in Windsor.

“I’ve noticed a surprising amount of students grappling with the situation,” Kenny said.“It definitely took a while for me to process, but I think once she is buried we can try to seal off any grim lingering feelings.”