San Francisco tries to beat the heat

Rising temperatures distract students


San Francisco reached an astonishing high of 97° today. Many Bay Area cities broke record highs, reaching up to 110°.

Amrita Rajpal, Reporter

San Francisco is currently facing a heat wave with very high temperatures — unusual for the fall season.

Temperatures reached 110° in some parts of the Bay Area this weekend. The very intense heat put California power grids to the test, according to The SF Chronicle.

“It was so hot and stuffy today in my classrooms and I was not enjoying school today,” sophomore Nora Doherty said. “Walking up and down flood stairs really felt like a chore and I was super sweaty.”

Higher temperatures greatly affect student life and warmer weather can diminish student performance on exams and can impact listening and student productivity, according to The Behavior Hub

“Heat waves drain the energy of local San Franciscans more than at home with Karl the Fog,” Ethics teacher Michael Campos said. “Today, I invited students to welcome the heat, allow their bodies to acclimate, hydrate, and intentionally focus their energies — so we turned down the lights, opened the windows, and enjoyed the slight breeze.”

The reason for this weather is a ‘heat dome’ which is a long lasting and high pressure region of atmospheric pressure during the warmer months, and it is exacerbated by climate change, according to The LA Times

“The heat wave really affected me during class because I felt really hot and distracted,” senior Bella Alarcon said. “Being able to wear the uniform skirt without tights was helpful but it was still pretty uncomfortable all day.” 

An excessive heat warning was also issued to San Francisco by the National Weather Service. This warning was meant to inform the public that heat related illnesses will be on the rise and to look out for signs of dehydration.

“When it got to be really hot today I had trouble paying attention in class,” Doherty said. “It also caused me a lot of stress so I hope it cools down this week.”