Taking a Break

Students travel for Labor Day weekend


Statistics demonstrating students traveling during Labor Day weekend. Most students are not traveling or staying local for the upcoming long weekend.

Grace Warner, Reporter

As Labor Day weekend approaches, students are making plans for the break with their  families and friends. As the new school year approaches, many people plan last-minute getaways.

“I’m excited to have this break so that I can take time away from school with my family, and de-stress a bit,” said senior Noor El Qadah.

Students are taking time for themselves and taking care of their mental health after the challenges of beginning a new school year, according to sophomore Phoebe Brockway.

“It’s been great coming back to school, but still difficult to adjust to everything,” Brockway said.“Especially with the added work on top of sports, the weekend is much needed.” 

Breaks are extremely important for students to thrive in school, because they allow students to put forth their best work, according to sophomore Margaux Tellini. 

“Taking breaks makes me feel more on top of my work,” Tellini said. “It helps me to organize my time and to be better prepared for school.”

According to the Broadview staff, 42.1% of students are traveling this weekend. From the students who answered the poll, 43.2% are traveling one to two hours away and 8.1% are leaving the state.

“I’m going to Santa Clara with my family to get some much needed time with them,” El Qadah said. “I’m excited to get a break from school so I can come back a bit more rested.”

However, families struggle to find hotels to book because of the popularity of travel. Due to the unprecedented heat wave, hotels across California are booked out for the long weekend, according to Tellini. 

“My family and I struggled to find a place to stay because of everyone else who was trying to take advantage of the heat wave. The prices rose a ton because of the attention.”

Popular locations along the California coastline are said to be packed with tourists from all over the country, according to Noor El Qadah.

“I know the tourism is going to be pretty heavy this weekend, but I’m still glad to be able to get a break from school and to spend time with my family,” El Qadah said.