Back to school night commences

Teachers explain courses and curriculum to parents


Parents will go through their child’s schedule, participating in a 10-minute session of each class. During the sessions, teachers introduce the curriculum and answer any questions about the classes.

Amrita Rajpal and Heidi Yeung

Parents and adult family members are invited to attend Back to School Night tonight. This annual event, hosted by the teachers, is informative for parents, especially those that are new to the school.

Parents will attend brief and explanatory introductions to every class, including advisory  — which each last ten minutes. Teachers will inform and establish this year’s curriculum and go over the syllabi. 

“I am really glad that my parents will be attending back to school night,” junior Kate Richardson said. “School is such a large part of our lives and it is nice that they can get involved.”

Back to School Night provides crucial information and overall knowledge for parents about the new school year. This is also the first Back to School Night in a few years without Covid restrictions.

“I think it is important to have a Back to School Night because it helps to build a relationship with families and welcome them to the community,” Head of School Rachel Simpson said. “Back to School Night allows parents to meet with faculty and discuss any questions or concerns they may have.”

All classes are held at the Broadway campus regardless of their normal meeting location. Parents will walk the campus, much like their children, and will have five minute passing periods between classes. This event also gives parents a chance to see and experience their students’ learning environment. 

“I think it’s important for my parents to meet my teachers and learn about my classes,” sophomore Kaiya Koenigsberg said. “It allows them to ask me questions and become more involved in my school life.”

Parents, upon arrival, will receive name tags to help prevent confusion, according to Freshman Grade Chair Sarah Garlinghouse. Parents also created a Blackbaud login to access their class schedule. 

“Since International Baccalaureate classes can be very complicated, having them explained really helps my parents,” Richardson said. “My parents really feel like they are part of my education during Back to School Night.”