Club Fair arrives

Students will gather at the Pine Octavia campus to learn more about the club offerings


Club leaders, like the Pottery Club, created posters and media to announce details for the meetings and activities. The Club Fair will take place between 1:10pm to 2:00pm at the Pine Octavia campus.

Elizabeth Klimek, Senior Reporter

Students will attend the Club Fair tomorrow during their community block. The annual Fair allows students to tour and sign up for the different club offerings of the school year.

“I’m excited to see returning and recruit new potters,” junior and co-founder of the pottery club Samantha Buscemi said. “And I’m excited to see the Fair itself, because we’ve never had something like this,”

Clubs’ tables will be spread across the Columbus room and courtyard, allowing for potential members to visit each station to learn more about the specific clubs. Clubs like art club, investment club, and book club will be offered.

“There seem to be a lot of different options for clubs that relate to a lot of different interests,” junior Claire Abel said.“A lot of clubs also are being reintroduced so there are those plus the new ones.” 

Club proposals were submitted in the last few weeks in preparation for the start of the meetings. Clubs are required to have a clear message and reason for the creation, while also applying the idea to the Sacred Heart community goals. 

“Although I am excited to host open studios and club meetings, it will be hard to find time because of our busy schedule,” Buscemi said. “We’ve found that the early morning meetings don’t work as well because everyone’s tired and our sleep schedules get messed up,”

Throughout the school year, clubs can meet before and after school to discuss or plan different activities for their specific meetings and groups. Other clubs and extracurricular activities like the newspaper, the Broadview, and the Yearbook team have already begun meetings and planning for upcoming projects. 

“I would consider groups, like the yearbook, to be clubs, but I also think that they have more responsibilities,” Abel said. “I’m a part of the yearbook and Red Cross which both have certain events and are required to meet deadlines throughout the year,”

In preparation for the fair, pre-approved club leaders have sent out email reminders and notices for the event. The club fair, commencing between 1:10-2:00pm, is open for all grade levels to learn more about the club offerings. 

“I’m definitely going to work on my wheel skills this year,” Buscemi said. “And I’m grateful to have the club fair so the ‘Conny Potty’ club and I can learn together.”