Student-athletes sail into the sports season

Fall sports have kicked into high gear with games and practices


Juniors Sasha Miller and Zara Kirk pass the ball during warm up at field hockey’s Fun Friday practice. The team coined the name “Fun Friday” two years ago, and they compete in a series of games and scrimmages throughout practice.

Amrita Rajpal, Reporter

WEB EXCLUSIVE | Tryouts for fall sports such as volleyball, field hockey, sailing, cross country, tennis and golf started  last week. Games and regular practices began the week after tryouts.

“I chose to play a fall sport because I really enjoy volleyball and I wanted to meet some new people,” freshman Alisa Houts said. “I have really bonded with my teammates during tough practices and games.”

Teams practice at the Herbert Center Gym and Syufy Court or at sites off campus such as Lafayette Park or the Margaret Hayward Field. Practice times range anywhere from 3:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

“High school sports and educational athletics are very important because the focus isn’t just on winning,” Assistant Athletic Director Elena De Santis said. “But sports are also about growing as a person and making lifelong friends.”

Sports not only help people stay healthy and active, but they can also teach valuable life lessons like responsibility and discipline while building a sense of community and bonding with people who have your shared interests, according to The University of Rochester.

Tryouts are open to anyone, no matter skill level or experience. Sports may have frosh-soph teams, junior varsity, and varsity teams depending on the number of players. Teams use the app InstaTeam to stay organized and make announcements. 

“High school sports are the perfect way to meet new people especially for freshmen,” senior Roxy Comerford said. “Playing sports is how I have met most of my friends.”

Participating in team sports leads athletes to develop empathy and understand their limitations, it also creates a challenging environment that supports self confidence and a growth mindset according to The National Federation of State High School Association

“My team and I went out to get pizza and ice cream as a bonding activity and it was really fun,” Houts said. “I’m really glad that I decided to play a sport and I have made a lot of amazing friends.”