Students find strength in self-defense

Dojo sessions improve awareness and confidence


Courtney Hall | Special to the Broadview

Freshmen Peyton Spaht and Madelon Podell practice a skill they learned to get out of a wrist hold. Both ninth and tenth graders had the opportunity to take part in the self defense classes during community time this week.

Amrita Rajpal and Coco Browning

WEB EXCLUSIVE | These past two weeks, ninth and tenth graders have learned how to use their voice, escape wrist and neck holds and hitting points in self-defense classes led by United Studios of Self Defense.

In the upcoming green days, a mandatory self-defense class will be taking place for all g remaining grade levels. This activity is part of the new co-curriculum classes that will now be taking the place of learning labs. 

“I really enjoyed taking the class, it was super helpful and interesting,” freshman Ashling Gallagher said. “I take the bus by myself a lot, so this makes me feel a lot safer knowing that I can defend myself.”

Self-defense helps you become more aware of your surroundings and prepare for unexpected situations that might come your way. Having the ability to defend yourself can also help with self esteem and self confidence, according to Lifehack

A study by Model Mugging Self-Defense Training Program found that self defense benefitted 78% to 98% of their students, who reported that they were able to either avoid confrontation and stay in control or fight off their attackers by applying their self-defense knowledge, according to World Self-Defense

“These classes improve student safety and confidence and are also something fun for the community to do together,” community life chair Michael Buckley said. “I think it was a good educational experience for everyone.”

United Studios of Self Defense was founded in 1968 and has over 80 locations across the nation. The logo of the program is a bonsai tree that symbolizes wisdom, strength, and truth, which are the values of the studio. 

“I’m looking forward to when my grade level will participate in the self-defense lesson,” junior Katarina Knott said. “I have taken self-defense class before and I found it really helpful. I also appreciate that the administration is providing the classes to both divisions because I think traditionally self-defense classes have only been for women.” 

The courage and confidence self-defense teaches can also help you succeed in many other aspects of life that may be challenging, according to the Tactical Arts Academy

“I learned so many educational moves I could use on someone if I had to,” Gallagher said. “It was really fun to do this with all of my classmates and I’m glad I had the experience.”