Spring sports on track

New season commences amidst variants

Elizabeth Klimek and Margaux Tellini

WEB EXCLUSIVE | The racket hits the birdie across the net, arms stroke through the water, feet push off the blocks, all symbolizing that the spring season has begun. 

The final sports season of the year will begin Feb. 7, with the regular practices and games wrapping up in early May. Practices will occur 5 days a week or 2-3 times depending on the sport, according to Head of Athletics and Physical Education Dana Kuwhara. 

“Five days a week is a big time commitment but it’s worth it, especially because it’s nice to spend some time outside of class with your teammates,” freshman Peyton Spaht said. “I think building a team bond is important because it encourages everyone to collaborate.” 

The athletic department plans for the spring season to return to normalcy compared to the 2021 season, which was modified due to COVID-19. With the rise of cases, returning back to sports with the use of masks is safe and realistic, according to sophomore Catherine Fox.  

“Although COVID-19 is spreading at higher rates than before with the Omicron variant, I do still feel comfortable playing sports at this time as long as everyone around me is following the guidelines or if we are outdoors,” Fox said. “I also feel more comfortable since I have my Pfizer booster shot.”

To prepare for the start of the season, the athletic department held an online Zoom meeting tonight to notify and update families on how to prepare for the upcoming season, including details on COVID-19 protocols and guidelines. 

“We have been testing certain indoor sports again and we have brought back the mask mandate because of the Omicron variant surge,” Kuwhara said. “Outdoor sports will not be required to test and will not have a mask requirement.”

With the start of the new season, most students are experiencing this new normal in terms of COVID-19 guidelines, while others are participating in their first high school sport.

“I have never played lacrosse before but I am looking forward to trying something new this spring season,” Sphat said. “I know a lot of people who are trying new sports and I am very excited to learn with my friends.”