The end of an era

Buster Posey retires from The Giants

Paige Retajczyk, Sports Editor

As all of the seniors try to manage our overwhelming workload and college applications, the adults in our lives often remind us that we are in the home stretch. For us, these next few months are our final times in the homes we grew up in, and the schools we have always attended.

In baseball, the home stretch is the final run from third base to home. The end of this year’s record-breaking season concluded Buster Posey’s final run home. After 12 seasons, three World Series championships, and a National League MVP award, beloved catcher Buster Posey retired from the San Francisco Giants formally on Nov. 4.

Since I can remember, Buster Posey has always been a loyal player and an inspiring figure in San Francisco. When I was younger, I remember the multiple times when we were let out early from school and walked a few blocks down to Market Street to celebrate the San Francisco Giants’ win through the parade.

It feels like just yesterday I was cheering on Buster Posey for his 2010 World Series win. Now as a senior about to leave San Francisco, it makes me extremely nostalgic to see Buster Posey’s passing from his long tenure on the team.

Posey retired at age 34, stating that it was out of “the desire to spend more time with his family combined with the physical toll of playing catcher,” according to ESPN.

As he embarks on the next phase of his life with his family at home, we are going to embark on the next phase of all our lives. He will always be an integral aspect of my experience with the city, and as we both leave it, I think we can find comfort in moving on. 

While the loss of such an iconic San Francisco player is difficult for the whole city, I think we can all take this as a chapter change in our life. I am forever grateful for the era of our lives that he was a part of, and excited that we all get to move forward together. This is the end of an era, but we have memories to last a lifetime. At a time for seniors where much of our time is focused on figuring out what we want to be doing in the future, I am reminded to take time to appreciate the amazing times we have had here.