MUNI routes temporarily shut down

Vaccine mandate suspends some bus lines

Ada Linde and Nathania Chao

WEB EXCLUSIVE | Several MUNI bus routes will be shut down starting today due to San Francisco’s recent mandate requiring all employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19. 

All of the short lines for the 1 California, 30 Stockton, 14R Mission Rapid and the 49 Van Ness will be suspended. The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency has not announced a concrete date for these lines to fully reopen, so this stoppage may cause problems for students like freshman Selena Travis, who rely on public transport to travel to and from school or between the two campuses. 

“I take the 1 California and the 22 Fillmore a lot to get from one campus to the other,” Travis said. “It’s nice to be able to take the bus so that you’re not sweaty and tired when you get to your classes.”

Because of the temporary shutdowns, buses will likely become more crowded and passengers may experience longer wait times. Wait time can vary from 5-10 minutes depending on the line, according to the SFMTA. 

“Both of my parents work full time jobs and I don’t have my drivers license, so I take the bus a lot to get from school to sports practices,” sophomore Brennan Damond said. “This suspension, especially with the longer wait times and more crowded buses, will directly affect me and my ability to get to practice on time.”

Students use the tracking apps like MuniMobile to help prepare their trips and pay bus fares instantly, according to Damond. Although these apps assist in planning accordingly, the bus cancelations will still lengthen wait times for faculty and staff.

“I ride the bus with a few other teachers who are coming from the East Bay or other parts of San Francisco,” College Counselor Allison Yee said. “It’s going to be a bit harder to plan out your day to get to school or work at a certain time.” 

While MUNI is continuously being affected by the pandemic, the ridership of MUNI buses has slowly increased throughout 2021. About 161,980 people ride the bus on weekdays, according to the SFMTA’s ridership graph.

“Since I take the 1 California a lot, I might have to change some plans so that I can get to class on time,” Travis said. “Hopefully, things won’t be too hectic.”