Quarter 1 comes to a close

Families to receive formative midterm reports

Makenna Kramer, Features Editor

WEB EXCLUSIVE | Quarter 1 of the 2021-2022 school year ended today, and teachers are completing midterm progress reports, which are due on Wednesday. 

The feedback given will not appear on official transcripts as teachers will only give one formal grade at the end of this year, rather than one each semester. 

“I think quarter reports are nice because they help us know where we are at,” sophomore Kate Richardson said. “It also allows you time to improve and talk with your teachers if you have questions.” 

Many faculty members, including English teacher Julia Árce, emphasize that the reports are formative and that families should take them as a “grade-in-progress.”

“We like to look at the different skills and check-in with students,” Árce said. “We try to be really honest, but hopefully without a lot of anxiety.” 

The Quarter 1 reports, which are the first of three narrative reports that students will receive throughout the school year, will be posted on the Learning Management System

“It is sort of confusing to not get grades on our transcripts at the end of each semester,” junior Audra Dawkins said. “It will have some benefits because we have time to really dive into courses before we get real grades.” 

While many students agree that progress reports are helpful, some say they can also cause nervousness. Seventy-five percent of American high school students reported feeling stressed about schoolwork or grades, according to a 2021 study. 

“It is a little stressful,” Richardson said, “but it is really important to know how you’re doing in your classes.”