Back to School Night returns in-person

Parents learn about students’ classes and curriculum


Darcy Jubb

Associate Librarian and History Teacher Reba Sell presents information about AP United States History to parents. Parents were informed about the curriculum and syllabi for their students’ classes.

Paige Retajczyk, Sports Editor

WEB EXCLUSIVE Tonight, for the first time in two years, Convent & Stuart Hall parents attended Back to School Night in-person.

From handouts to slideshows, teachers informed parents about their curriculum and syllabi for the school year, according to Mathematics Department Chair Lindsay MacGarva.

“I’m excited to have Back to School Night in-person because you can have a more organic conversation,” MacGarva said. “When you’re online everyone’s mute or having some technology issues so it will be exciting to see parents in-person.”

In response to COVID-19, parents were required to show proof of vaccination in order to attend Back to School Night by completing a form, according to Jennifer Malberg, a parent of a Convent student.

“I’m always interested to hear back from my parents about their Back to School Night experience and what they think of my classes,” senior Sara Ramelot said. “I also like that the teachers give them deadlines as well so that they are also in the loop about my work.”

Similar to a student’s schedule, parents walked from class to class to meet with their children’s teachers and learn about the classes, according to Malberg.

“It’s always fun to get to meet the parents after getting to know my students for a little bit,” MacGarva said. “It’s kind of like the first official kickoff of the school year.”