Beverage truck, mariachi band join campus for the day

Community celebrates Cinco de Mayo

Olivia Rounsaville, Senior Reporter

WEB EXCLUSIVE As the mariachi band Nueva Generación performed in front of Flood Mansion, students from all four divisions lined up across Broadway Street for cups of aqua fresca and horchata from food and beverage truck Mango Crazy’s. The campus celebration was in honor of Mexican holiday Cinco de Mayo.

“Most of the musicians in the band have been playing at least individually for about 10 years,” Nueva Generación player Eduardo Garcia said. “It’s a great way to celebrate and bring the Mexican culture into other cultures.”

Cinco de Mayo celebrates Mexico’s historic victory over French soldiers in the Battle of Puebla in 1862. It is celebrated only regionally in Mexico, primarily in Puebla, Mexico where the city holds parades, battle recreations, and other celebrations.

The holiday is also observed throughout the United States, and began mainly primarily as a way to celebrate Mexican culture within the community, but the holiday has since spread and is now appreciated by a variety of people.

“I’ve been studying pretty much all day,” senior Audrey Scott said, sipping her horchata, “but I was able to go outside and it was really nice to experience something different and celebrate Cinco de Mayo.”   

For many Convent & Stuart Hall students, the festivities were a welcomed break from end-of-the-year studying. The mariachi music, which could be heard in classrooms throughout the Flood Mansion, brought about an exciting twist to the day, according to junior Natalie Kushner. 

“The atmosphere right now, especially for seniors and juniors can sometimes be stressful,” Kushner said. “Listening to the music during English lightened up my day.”

The celebration relates to Goal Four, “The building of Community as a Christian value,” and inserts some aspects of the Mexican culture into campus life, according to Middle Form Assistant Division Head Talbot Moore. 

“I think the kids have really welcomed us — they’re dancing and having fun,” Garcia said. “We hope to keep sharing our music in the future.”