Students observe Denim Day

Community members wear denim in solidarity with sexual assault survivors


Makenna Kramer

Freshmen in a Block One Spanish II class wear denim for International Denim Day. The day of awareness is observed annually on April 28.

Makenna Kramer, Reporter

WEB EXCLUSIVE People across the world wore denim today in recognition of International Denim Day, a movement that seeks to support sexual assault survivors and raise awareness about all forms of sexual violence, according to Denim Day. 

Participants, like freshman Samantha Buscemi, wear denim on April 28th in reference to the overturning of a man’s 1992 rape conviction in Italy because his accuser was wearing tight jeans. 

“It was nice to see many people wearing denim around the school,” freshman Samantha Buscemi said. “It’s very important for us to recognize this day so survivors know that they’re not alone.”

While this tradition has been carried out annually since 1999, social media has made the event more accessible and widespread in recent years, according to sophomore Josie Flanagan. 

“I found out about the event through Instagram,” Flanagan said. “I decided to participate because I think it’s an easy way to spread awareness about an important issue.”

Ways to support the survivors on Denim Day include wearing denim or other merch, donating to related causes, and reposting messages on social media, according to Peace Over Violence.

“Whether you choose to rock a button, t-shirt, or stickers you are supporting on-the-ground sexual violence prevention efforts,” Denim Day event organizers wrote on their website. “You can also display Denim Day posters and flyers in highly visible locations.” 

Although advocates say year-round awareness efforts are important, many say Denim Day is a good opportunity to bring recognition to sexual assault prevention. 

“I’m really glad I participated in Denim Day this year,” Buscemi said. “I look forward to doing it next year as well.”