Tech Department announces ‘Dual Device Program’

Students will receive iPads for 2021-2022 school year


Tala El Qadah

Sophomore Sophia Wu uses an iPad to take notes during an Honors English class. Many students use apps such as Notability to create and download organized digital class notes.

Makenna Kramer, Reporter

WEB EXCLUSIVE The administration announced on Thursday that the school will provide all high school students with Apple iPads and Logitech Crayon electronic styluses beginning next year. 

The new devices will be used in combination with the personal computers students already have under the current Bring Your Own Device program, according to Director of Educational Innovation Howard Levin. 

“We did this because digital, pen-enabled note-taking has been proven to be an advantage for students, specifically in math and sciences,” Levin said. “We’ve seen during the pandemic that many students and almost all of our high school teachers have begun to use multiple devices and that’s been really helpful for them in the process of teaching and learning.”

While some students currently use iPads for class notes, sophomore Audra Dawkins, who does not, says she’s looking forward to the opportunity to engage with the technology. 

“I think the program really shows how the administration cares about our needs,” Dawkins said. “It will also be helpful for teachers because they will have a better understanding of the technology available to us.”

Many teachers have experience using iPads in academic settings and are excited about the ways the devices will streamline student learning, according to Science Department Chair Roderick Mobley. 

“It’s great because students won’t have to carry around multiple binders, teachers will be saving lots of paper, and it will also help kids be more organized,” Mobley said. “I won’t have to worry about printing the notes. Everything will be easier and more efficient.”

Levin says he hopes the school will give out the iPads and pens to 9-11 graders by the end of April so students can familiarize themselves with the products for next year.

“We’re excited to give students these new devices and the freedom and apps that come with them,” Levin said. “We really think the high school will benefit.