School community gathers to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

Green attire, jewelry, accessories flood the school


Ella Plotinsky

Sophomores Roxanne Comerford, Amaliya Sypult, Josephine Flanagan, Sophie Jones and Stella Neuman pose for a photo to send to their grade chair adviser. Students dressed up in green attire to show their recognition of St. Patrick’s Day and to earn spirit points.

Clara Bonomi, Reporter

WEB EXCLUSIVE Students and teachers alike channeled their holiday spirit and turned the campus green today in an effort to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

“It was really fun to see everyone dressed up in their green outfits,” sophomore Lily Larson said. “Some people really went all out.”

The student-run social media accounts @conventcubbyhole and @knightsadvice encouraged students and faculty to wear green attire and submit photos to the Instagram accounts or to each class’s grade chair adviser in order to earn spirit points.

“As someone who is Irish, having the school celebrate in such a significant way made me feel really cared about,” sophomore Sinead Lucy Trevino said. “It was the little things that made it feel special, like the food that the kitchen served and how my chemistry teacher gave our class a quiz on the origin of St. Patrick’s Day.”

It is vitally important to stay uplifted during these unprecedented times, according to Spirit Representative Kati Walter. 

“Coming together as a school can really help bring everyone’s moods up,” Walter said. “This time isn’t easy for anyone and having an enthusiastic and bonded community could really help students who are feeling stressed and anxious right now.”

Each week the Spirit Representatives also plan a themed Friday for students and faculty to participate in, including tye-die, rainbow and flannel themed Fridays. These weekly festivities are a fun and inclusive way to bring the entire community together, according to Larson.

“It was nice to have something that connected me to the community as a whole because I think that is what most of us need right now,” Larson said. “I am looking forward to when we can celebrate holidays and participate in activities like this again soon.”