Art Club holds first meeting over Zoom

Artists get creative in online environment

Darcy Jubb

Art Club plays, an online drawing game, over Zoom during its first meeting on March 10. The club plans to meet once a month on Wednesdays to practice skills as they make art.

Darcy Jubb, Senior Reporter

WEB EXCLUSIVE Art Club members got to know each other over Zoom while they played, an online drawing game, during the first Art Club meeting this afternoon. 

The club’s leaders, Haya Jadallah, Chase Walheim and Avery Stout, created the club to be interesting and productive in a stress-free environment, even though the first meeting was held over Zoom. 

“The Zoom experience is definitely less casual than we would like, but we can still connect with each other through art — which is the main purpose of the club,” Walheim said. “If the school would allow us to be in-person, we would love to work outside.” 

Art Club is a designated space where students can practice their skills in a relaxed environment. 

“I want to be more artistic and express myself through art,” junior Kelly Cronan said. “It was nice to be with people who share those same intentions.” 

Some students have traditional art class for a little over two months during the school year due to the block schedule put in place to bring students back on campus. 

“I joined because with the new schedule I only have art class for one month every semester,” junior Elizabeth Mullen said. “It is a nice way to exercise my art skills throughout the year.” 

The club allows artists to create alongside each other with the goal of bettering skills, according to Walheim. 

“I hope to improve my skills as an artist and bond with other people in the club,” Mullen said. “I love that it is a club with many different people who share one common interest.” 

The only criteria for joining the club is wanting to be creative and having a love for art. 

“We started the Art Club because we all love art and wanted to create a space solely dedicated to art,” Walheim said. “With everything going on it is important to take time to be creative and let go a little.”