San Francisco crime mars the City’s image

Break-ins, thefts come in at all-time high

Clara Bonomi, Reporter

Break-ins, robberies and muggings are becoming increasingly common in the streets of San Francisco and have boosted crime rates all across the City.

Just a month and a half into 2021, San Francisco residents and businesses have reported 2,434 larceny thefts as of Feb. 14, compared with 5,135 in all of 2020, according to The San Francisco Police Department.

“I recently saw someone break into a car trunk on Fillmore Street,” sophomore Sophia Davis said. “At that moment, I felt threatened and kind of just froze.”

Some students have had their car broken into on multiple occasions. Auto-related thefts have become quite regular for freshman Scarlett Farr. 

“My family’s cars have been broken into many times,” Farr said. “Most of the time it’s not even the stolen item that is the problem, but the aftermath of having to fix the damage to your car that ends up costing you more.”

A big contributor to the increase of break-ins this year can be attributed to the rise of unemployment during the coronavirus pandemic and residents spending more time at home, according to KRON4.

“I’ve had my car broken into many times, “Visual Arts teacher Julie Martin said. “I think these break-ins point to how much people are continuing to economically struggle. Any sort of theft generally comes from people finding themselves in really desperate times.”

These thefts have prompted students to become more aware of their everyday safety habits. Davis says she has become aware of her surroundings at night, especially as a young woman.

“Break-ins and muggings are really common in the City right now and they make San Francisco as a whole look unwelcoming,” Davis said. “It just reminds us to always be careful and make sure we are being safe and always securing our valuables.”