Art foundations HS course influences graduate’s career path

05featuresSophie Gilchrist
Sports Editor

Ever since Joanna Wendell (’05) took Art Foundations in her sophomore year of high school, she knew art history was a subject she wanted to continue to study.

“I took Ms. Evers’ class and that was when I was the first time I was introduced to art history as a subject,” said Wendell. “From that point on developed my love for the subject and I realized that I wanted to continue to study it.”

Wendell took this into consideration when applying to universities, and decided on Princeton.

“All the colleges I applied to had strong art history programs,” said Wendell. “Princeton also has a great museum and it is so close to New York City that I take the train there often to visit the different museums.”

“I interned at the Princeton University Art Museum for eight weeks a few summers ago,” said Wendell. “I am also currently applying for some museum internships.”

Wendell says she prefers studying history through the lens of art because of the interdisciplinary nature that changes the way she looks at the world.

“It is very similar to studying history, but it is more exciting because you are studying different art work, and you can use the art work to help you form conclusions about society,” said Wendell. “When you are studying art you can also connect it to literature, music, political events and basically anything that is happening in society at that time.”