Session 4 returns more students to campus

Specific guidelines in place for the upcoming break


Paige Retajczyk

Juniors study for a quiz in IBSL Biology on Tuesday, Nov. 17, the second day of Session 4. Most classes have a combination of students attending in-person and online to allow for family preferences.

Paige Retajczyk, Senior Reporter

WEB EXCLUSIVE Session 4 began on Monday with more students returning to campus following their testing negative for COVID-19, per the school’s Health and Safety Plan.

Before the session began, students committed to either online learning or coming to class on campus, but not both unless there is a health issue, such as exposure to COVID-19.

“I was unsure whether or not to be in person for Session 4 because the announcement to return was very sudden ” junior Kelly Cronan said. “I’m attending in person, but it’s unfortunate I’m unable to go to class some days and then other days work remote because it’s more convenient to stay home instead of commuting all the way to Pacific Heights.”

Following Thanksgiving Break, classes will resume remotely on Nov. 30 for three days in an attempt to reduce transmission after potentially visiting family or friends. Students may be required to stay home additional days, depending on their Thanksgiving plans.

“I originally was going to Southern California to see my family for Thanksgiving,” senior Ella Holliday said. “Now we’re going to stay in San Francisco and have an outdoor Thanksgiving with another family in our circle.”

Individuals who do not travel and are not engaging with others outside of their circle may return on Dec. 3, and those who travel must either quarantine at home for two weeks or wait six days after Thanksgiving or a large gathering and then provide a negative COVID-19 test. 

“I’m travelling to the Caribbean with my family for Thanksgiving,” junior Olivia Williams said. “I think it was smart for Convent & Stuart Hall to have a few days of online school after Thanksgiving break because this will be safer for the whole community.”