Varsity soccer kicks off new season

Aggie Kruse

Soccer players are aiming to improve for a more successful season under head coach Elena de Santis and new assistant coach Anne Guina.

“We have a very strong team this year because of the large returning group,” said de Santis. “Eleven out of 17 members are returners. They’re experienced girls who have been on the team for a while and know how to work well together.”

Kirk shares the title of captain with her fellow seniors Ann Marie Ide, Miranda Remmer and Caitie Sullivan, who began their fourth and final season for the Cubs on Feb. 23 in a 0-0 game against Gateway.

“The captains are nice and supportive,” said freshman Gina Domergue, “Even though it’s my first year and I mess up a lot, they give me tips and encourage me when I improve.”

The captains frequently lead the field action, dominating the offense and defense.

“Scarlett Kirk, is one of the best soccer players on the team and in the league,” said de Santis. “Caitie Sullivan has been an amazing defender.”

Goalie Domergue and defender Bianka Quintanilla-Whye, freshmen, are proving capable players in the eyes of their teammates.

“They’re good additions to the team” said Kirk, “Bianka is very fast and can catch up to the offense. Gina has good hand eye coordination. I think they’re both doing very well.”

Players focus on increasing skill through drills, scrimmages and playing soccer in harmony.

“We’re working on passing the ball rather than just kicking it and hoping our team gets it,” said Kirk.

The Cubs faced rival Urban on March 15 ending in a 1-1 tie, giving the team a 0-4-4 record.