Spirit Week goes virtual

Classes dress up to participate in contest



Emily Brenner’s Honors English II class celebrates Hawaiian Wednesday. Students earned points by sending in a photo to @conventcubbyhole on Instagram.

Tala El Qadah, Reporter

WEB EXCLUSIVE To keep school spirit alive through learning off campus, the Spirit Committee set up a week of changing their Zoom backgrounds and wearing clothes and accessories to match the theme of the day. 

“We’ve been planning and discussing our ideas for this week since the beginning of the year,” Spirit Leader Kati Walter said, “We thought it was super necessary to keep this tradition alive because we have been sensing that spirits are down, which is very understandable since we are on Zoom.”

Students can submit photos to @conventcubbyhole, an Instagram account run by Operations Officer Aly Bannister, in which each photo will earn points.

“Everyday I’ve been dressing up and taking photos to help get points for my class,” sophomore Natalie Posner said. “I really hope my class will win this year.”

Seniors are currently in the lead and freshmen are in last place. Points and places will be announced  at the end of the year as there will be many upcoming spirit events, according to Walter. 

“It is really nice to be doing these spirit activities and to feel a sense of community even though I am stuck at home,” senior Audrey Hunnicutt said. “I am excited to see what other activities and contests we’re going to have.”

To celebrate Halloween, a webinar will be held on Friday. There will be a costume contest and whoever wins Best Halloween Costume will win points for their class, according to an email sent by Community Chair Life Paul Pryor Lorentz.

“We will be sending out an email tonight or tomorrow with the scores of the week,” Walter said. “I am excited to see everyone’s costumes tomorrow.”