Second session concludes

Classes end after a four week long period.


The global politics class finishes their last class of the second session. The class will reconvene next year in January.

Paige Retajczyk, Senior Reporter

WEB EXCLUSIVE With the end of the second session on Oct. 15 and continued distance learning, students’ attitudes are less than enthusiastic about the schedule structure. 

“Towards the end of the session I was extremely tired,” Jadallah said. “I think that it gets super tiring learning the same two subjects so I think learning two new subjects will be interesting.” 

Although some may be unhappy with the block schedule, the two class schedule is to minimize contact between people when students return to campus. The two classes create a  cohort, according to an email sent from Dr. Ann Marie Krejcarek.

“The second session was especially long and slow, most likely because I didn’t have a morning free,” senior Eloise Laluyaux said. “I’m very excited for the start of a new session because having the same two classes every day gets very repetitive after the first week.”

Despite the general sense of the second session as being tiresome, some students found perspective from the first session.

“I thought this session went way faster than the first,” sophomore Josie Flanagan said. “Since I was more aware of how the first session was paced, I was more efficient in the second.”

With a new session, Convent & Stuart Hall submitted their plans for reopening a few weeks ago. If their plans pass by the San Francisco Department of Public Health, the school could potentially have students on campus for the end of the third session. 

“I understand teachers are working really hard to make distance learning work,” Jadallah said. “I think having more classes over a long period of time would help me focus better.”