Possible Return to In-Person Learning in November

San Francisco schools predicted to reopen in the coming months


Mackenna Moslander

Sophomore honors chemistry learns to use zoom days before the transition to online learning in the spring. The guidelines surrounding school zoom calls have developed from public links to only allowing those with school emails access.

Clara Bonomi, Senior Reporter

Luckily for the students who are eager to break free from their desk chairs and Zoom classes, San Francisco high schools are on track to reopen in November.

After hearing news of possibly returning to school, freshman Scarlett Farr looks forward to in-person learning. Convent will require that all students wear face coverings at all times, stay 6 feet apart, and stay home and get tested if symptomatic. 

“It is a good idea as long as they take the right safety precautions,” Farr said. “As long as everyone wears their mask and everything is socially distanced, I think we will be safe.”

Mayor London Breed addressed the current state of Covid-19 in San Francisco in a statement on Sept. 1. She plans to allow small businesses and other indoor activities to open that were previously shut down due to the virus.

“Our priority has always been to protect the health and safety of the people of San Francisco,” Breed said. “We remain committed to making decisions based on data and our local conditions with COVID-19, and our next steps take a balanced and thoughtful approach to reopening.”

Sophomore Bella Alarcon expresses concerns about re-entering the in-person school environment. Members of her direct family are asthmatic, so Alarcon is making sure to be attentive to the potential exposure to the vulnerable.

“I’m really excited to see my friends again,” Alarcon said. “But at the same time, it might not be so safe for everyone else who’s at high risk for getting coronavirus.

Returning to in-person learning can be a safe option as long as everyone follows the health guidelines outlined by the CDC according to Breed. While starting off school virtually is difficult for many students, the prospect of returning is exciting, according to Farr.

“I was really thrilled to come to Convent and meet everyone,” Farr said. “Despite everything, I think virtual learning has been going well, though.”