Session one classes approach midpoint

Students receive progress reporters adapted to new schedule


Tala El Qadah and Charlotte Ehrlich

WEB EXCLUSIVE With the first session of the year reaching its halfway mark, students will receive their first quarter progress report for their first two classes in the upcoming days. 

Students are anticipating their progress report in the midst of adapting to and enjoying the new schedule, according to sophomore Julia Kearney. 

“During the first week, it was hard to sit in a class for 2 ½ hours, but I started getting used to it and I really enjoy the long periods,” Kearney said. “I am excited to get my report card so I can know where I need to work harder, and if I need to meet with a teacher.”

Students have a new setup this semester with two classes per session and four sessions in one semester. With only two classes a day, students have the ability to come in contact with less people when returning to in-person school in the future.

“We’ve been working in sessions in 4 ½ week periods that cover a semester’s worth of material,” Chair of Community Life Michael Buckley said to his IB HL2 History of the Americas class. “We’ve been in class for more than 25 hours, so the quarter is finished.”

Many teachers, including mathematics teacher Caroline Norris, have not found progress reports as challenging as they expected it to be, considering the transition to remote learning.

“I do wish I had more time to get to know my current students,” Norris said. “But I do feel that, as of right now, my students have successfully learned the first 25 percent of geometry.” 

During the upcoming Back to School Night, parents will consult with teachers and learn about what went into their students’ progress reports, according to an email sent by Head of School Rachel Simpson. 

“I am excited for my parents to meet my teachers and get my progress report,” Kearney said. “I am really happy with how prepared and simple everything has been even with not being in person.”

Students will end the rest of their first session of online classes on Sep. 16 and will engage in entirely new classes for the second session.

“Although things are moving pretty fast, I really enjoy this new schedule,” Kearney said. “It gives me a good amount of time to focus on two classes at once.”