Students set personal goals during meetings


Nina Gutierrez

Sophomore Madeline Thiara writes a reflection about personal and community values. Students were organized into small groups to share what they wrote.

Nina Gutierrez, Reporter

WEB EXCLUSIVE After a brief assembly in the chapel to celebrate the upcoming International Women’s Day, students gathered by grade during class meeting time for a Lenten reflection on Friday.

The students discussed their own spiritual values and areas of personal growth as well as community support and daily habits.

“It was a very nice break from our school day,” sophomore Natalie Stans said. “It helped keep me in touch with my classmates and inner feelings and emotions.” 

Each meeting was facilitated by faculty members who led espacio and students read reflective poems, prayers and literary passages.

“I really liked how we got to write our feelings down when other people weren’t influencing our ideas,” freshman Natalie Posner said. “It made it easier to think about our ideas individually.” 

“Sharing ideas with my friends help us reflect on how we want to treat each other for the next half of the second semester,” junior Olivia Callander said. “It helped us refocus and set goals for the rest of the year to come.”

The meetings ended after faculty members led writing activities where students created personal lists of goals on how they would like to treat others in the community and how they would want to treat themselves. 

“I enjoyed reflecting on how I come across to others in the community and I appreciated that we took the time to be at peace,” sophomore Sara Ramelot said. “It was beneficial to reflect on my goals on how I want to interact with my family and friends.”