Students donate blood


Adele Bonomi

Juniors Kate Baker and Isabel Hoppmann give blood. Donating blood can save up to three lives.

Adele Bonomi, Sports Editor

WEB EXCLUSIVE A blood drive was held in the Dungeon on the Pine/Octavia Campus today, allowing students from both divisions of the high school to save lives by donating up to a pint of blood.

“I think it is very important to donate blood because a little discomfort for me can save a life,” junior Isabel Hoppmann said. “I’m really glad we get the opportunity to donate at school because I probably wouldn’t know about it or participate otherwise.” 

By scheduling an appointment ahead of time or walking in, volunteering to give blood can save about two or three lives according to Donor Recruitment Representative for San Francisco Cheryl Trott. 

“We support over 45 hospitals in the area so the blood that we are collecting today will be used for local hospitals,” Trott said. “Right now we are in what we call a critical time period, meaning that we have less than a three day supply of blood on the shelves so that greatly impacts our patients and their needs.”

For students like junior Kate Baker, it was their first time donating blood and supporting the Vitalant organization.  

“I was incredibly nervous and I have never been the biggest fan of needles,” Baker said. “The staff were very comforting by providing salty snacks, sugary beverages, and blankets; the whole process was pretty painless, even though over a pint of blood was drained.”

The process of the appointments started with reading over safety materials followed by a mini physical exam and then the actual blood draw.

“It is a very rewarding experience because I know I’m directly helping someone and impacting their lives in a positive way,” Hoppmann said. “The nurses were all very nice and helpful and made sure I was comfortable and had everything I needed the whole time which made me feel more relaxed throughout the process.”

Another blood drive is scheduled for May 22 on the Pine/Octavia Campus, according to Trott. 

“This was my first time donating but after this experience,” Baker said. “I am very willing to donate in the future, possibly during our school’s blood drive in May.