Freshmen campaign for student council


Mackenna Moslander

Freshman Anoushka Dadlani delivers her speech to the Freshmen class. All speeches were delivered during a class meeting in the Mother Williams Library.

Mackenna Moslander, Reporter

WEB EXCLUSIVE The Freshman Class gathered in the Mother Williams Library to listen to speeches written by the students running for the position of freshman student council representative. 

“The whole grade joined together in the library to hear speeches,” Ninth Grade Chair Sharanya Naik said. “The speeches were wonderful because the students had great ideas.”

Each candidate make a speech about why they wanted to be on student council and how they would best represent the grade. 

“The speeches helped me to decide who to vote for,” freshman Ella Plotinsky said. “Before this morning I was torn, but the speeches cleared up the decision for me and by the time the online voting poll was sent out I was sure.”

Although public speaking can be intimidating, it was good practice for boosting confidence in front of a large group, according to freshman Amaliya Sypult, who ran for class representative. 

“Speaking before our whole grade was tough for a lot of people,” Sypult said. “However, talking in front of our only grade instead of the entire school helped alleviate some of the pressure.”

After the meeting, freshmen voted for class representatives in a digital survey sent by Community Life Chairs Paul Pryror Lorentz and Michael Buckley. 

“Having the council in place ensures the student voice is heard in the Convent and Stuart Hall community,” Plotinsky said. “It is nice to know that we are included in the conversation when there are decisions being made about us.”

Being active in student council also helps students to grow their leadership skills, according to Naik. 

“Student government is a way to experiment with leadership and to learn about taking care of the institution as well as themselves,” Naik said. “It is about learning to build a structure that is for the good of all people.”