Students adapt to new bus schedule


Mackenna Moslander

Convent and Stuart Hall students of all four grades ride the bus to their H period class. This was the first bus departing from the Broadway Campus at 1:33 after either late lunch or a G period class.

Mackenna Moslander, Reporter

Along with the change in class and lunch times, the bus schedule has also shifted for the 2019-2020 school year. Buses run from the Broadway campus to the Pine-Octavia campus and back during passing periods and after school. 

During each passing period there is a bus that leaves five minutes after the end of class and another that leaves eight minutes after the end of class, first arriving and unloading from the other campus. Though the first bus is preferable, it is more crowded, according to sophomore Alia Mogannam. 

“I try to get on the first bus because that is the only bus that guarantees you will make it to class on time,” Mogannam said. “Sometimes we have to squish to fit onto the first bus, but the second bus often arrives to the next campus after class has already started so we make it work.”

Sometimes it is hard to get to the bus on time after class so it is necessary to take the second bus according to freshman Annika Hansen. 

“I have only missed it a few times,” Hansen said. “It can be hard to get from my class to the bus on time, especially when my class is in Siboni or the teacher holds us late, but I have never missed both buses.”

The bus system is more complicated and less reliable than last year according to sophomore Lauren Thompson. 

“Last year I had classes at Stuart Hall and I never worried about missing the bus or being late to class because of the bus,” Thompson said. “I understand why the second bus can be less dependable this year though, the new class and lunch schedule complicates things.”

There are some times where having the bus accessible to the student body would be useful, including before school as well as afternoon periods on a flip day. 

“There are times when I need to meet with a teacher during Collaboration at the opposite campus of my first class so I have to cut the meeting short for travel time,” Mogannam said. “It is nice to have a form of transportation provided by the school for switching campuses, but it would be nice to have in the morning as well.”