Soccer players attend introduction meeting


Gabrielle Guido

Coaches Spencer Irwin and Elena DeSantis address potential soccer participants about the program. The purpose of this meeting was to provide students with essential information about the upcoming season.

Gabrielle Guido, Senior Reporter

Students hoping to play girls’ soccer during the winter gathered together in a pre-season meeting this morning in Siboni. 

Prospective players from all grades attended the meeting at Convent this morning. The season begins with tryouts on Nov. 4 and extends through early February.

“For this season, I am excited to improve my skills,” freshman Tala El Qadah said. “Both of the coaches seem very excited to start the season and help us become better players.”

As the soccer season approaches, head coaches Elena DeSantis and Spencer Irwin discussed commitment, scheduling and team division for players. 

“We want people to come in excited and ready to commit to three months of working hard and growing,” Irwin said. “I’m excited for the camaraderie and community environment we have and getting everyone coming together and really feeling like a part of something bigger than themselves.”

If students were not able to attend the meeting and are still interested in playing soccer, interest can be communicated via email or in-person to either of the coaches. DeSantis is on the second floor of Siboni and Irwin is on the third floor of the Pine/Octavia campus.

“I can not wait for the season to start. I am so happy to have a lot of players returning so we can continue to build our chemistry and not have to start from scratch,” team captain Mira White said. “I am looking forward to meeting the new players and welcoming them onto the team.”

Many players have been part of the Varsity team for the entirety of their high school careers and will serve as mentors to the younger freshmen and sophomores during the season.

“One thing I’m most excited for is the growth of the players have made between last season and this season,” Irwin said. “Another thing is the growth that the team is going to make, not just on the field, but the successes and failures.”

For some, this was an introduction to the soccer athletic program and to prepare for the season there will be upcoming team workouts after school with Coach Barclay, which still have to be decided.

“Athletes can prepare by working out with Barclay and/or stretching and going for runs,” White said. “Hopefully this will help us have a successful season.”