Assembly reviews new community standards


Mackenna Moslander

Chair of Community Life Paul Pryor Lorentz addresses the student body during the assembly in the Little Theater. The administration organized the assembly to discuss the necessity of following rules outlined in the handbook.

Mackenna Moslander, Reporter

Students and faculty attended an assembly in the Little Theater to discuss community guidelines and how to embody them effectively. 

“This was a way to really establish some key community goals for everyone to live by this year in the spirit of Sacred Heart traditions and heritage,” Head of School Rachel Simpson said. 

Following guidelines are essential to fostering a successful community within the school according to sophomore Darcy Jubb.

“When people don’t have gum, are not on their phones, and are dressed professionally it definitely affects the environment and eliminates distractions,” Jubb said. 

During the assembly, speakers suggested future steps and further actions to uphold community values. 

“It was the right amount of criticism as to how we are behaving, as well as the right amount of encouragement and acknowledgment,” Jubb said.

Discussions about the new traffic policy with respect to the guidelines as well as the enforcement of the reformed dress code prompted students to be present and active in the assembly. 

“I am always grateful that our students are present to one another, present to their teachers, and good at being in a community together,” Simpson said.