Sophomores install public art project


Gabi Guido

Art teacher Malisa Suchanya helps sophomore Kati Walter with her public art project. Sophomores in Art Foundations II installed art projects around the Broadway campus which will be on display through the end of the school year.

Gabi Guido, Reporter

WEB EXCLUSIVE Sophomores in Art Foundations II worked in groups with various mediums to create a public art project featuring modern and contemporary art movements.

“Through this process, I learned about how much effort it takes to do a full large-scale project,” sophomore Kati Walter said. “I liked the creative side of it.”

Walter’s group used warped mirrors, kind notes and colorful tape to create a space that opens discussion on body image and standards of beauty.

“We wanted to let young girls like us know that they are beautiful even though they don’t all look the exact same,” Walter said. “We are trying to show different sides of beauty.”

Sophomore Bella Wasserman’s group created a ‘Fairy Box’ in front of the Syufy Theatre which serves as a  calming space for students to write anonymous answers to questions written in UV light around the box.

“Our intention was to create a space where everyone can take a pause and just breathe and reflect on their life,” Wasserman said. “Making our piece was really fun and we all got to work together and help each other.”

Students used various materials including foam boards, mirrors and ribbons found in the Art Studio and across the Broadway and Pine/Octavia campuses to construct their projects. The only requirement was to have a purpose behind the art such as being aesthetically pleasing, to evoke questions or to serve as propaganda.

“I want to give students the opportunity to think about the work that goes beyond the two-dimensional plane and think about how you can incorporate the experience of the viewers,” said Art teacher Malisa Suchanya. “Including a sense of space and interaction with your work creates more of a challenge and a new perspective on art.”

Students assembled the art projects around the Broadway campus in locations such as the Main Hall and Syufy Theatre. The installations will be up through the end of the school year.