Q&A with Simple Gifts designers

Sara Kloepfer
A & E Editor

Elena Dudum, junior
What is the focus of your collection?

I didn’t make these three pieces with a theme in mind because I made them at different times, but what I’m trying to project is my range of designing capabilities. I have chosen to show a casual sundress, a semi-formal look, and a formal floor-length dress. When I’m designing a piece, usually I’m inspired by something organic— the formal gown has a tulip shape where it opens up at the bottom.

Will you pursue fashion design in the future?
I’ve always had a fantasy of designing wedding dresses. Not that I’m focusing solely on designing, because I have other interests, but I’m definitely keeping it as a hobby and making sure that the college I go to has opportunities for fashion design in case I choose to explore it.

Juliet Charnas, junior
What is the focus of your collection?
There’s not really a theme besides color. All the fabrics are gray, cream or navy blue. A bunch of the pieces have similar details, like buttons down the back, v-necks, or the same sort of pleating technique on the front. They’re a little fancier than what I would wear day-to-day. I think that they’re closest to work outfits. There are a couple of cocktail dresses as well. I would imagine my clothes on someone in their early twenties.

Will you pursue fashion design in the future?
Yes, definitely. Right now, I’m still deciding whether I want to study design as an undergraduate or for graduate school. But either way, I definitely want my career to involve fashion or design of some sort.

Rachael Hurd (’08)
What is the focus of your collection?
This year my collection is all about San Francisco. It includes my experiences growing up here and the vibe of the city. I really tried to incorporate the culture of the city with different colors, shapes, and textures, and I tried to take retro colors and ideas associated with the city and give them a modern twist. I think this collection exemplifies my love for this city and represents how much fun I’ve had growing up here

Will you pursue fashion design in the future?
I’m hoping to get an internship with a designer over the summer. I am pursuing a career in design, but I’m not sure if it will be fashion design. I’m highly considering changing my major from fashion design to costume design and to eventually design for movies, music videos, costume, theatre, et cetera.

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