Sophomore English class begins first graded essay of the year


Amy Phipps

Sophomores Charlotte Ehrlich and Tabitha Parent brainstorm outlines for their Frankenstein essays during class today. The essay is due after Winter Break.

Amy Phipps, Reporter

WEB EXCLUSIVE  The sophomore English II class wrote outlines today for their first graded essay of the school year on the Gothic novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

New English teacher, Angelica Allen, says she’s excited to read students’ takes on the book and see their writing styles.

“Since it is an exciting book with feminist themes, I am really excited to see how all of the girls interpret what we spoke about in class,” Allen said. “I am most excited about the topics they choose to write on.”

During class discussions, students examined common themes in the novel such as feminism, humanity and Gothic subjects.

“We discussed the meaning of humanity and how people might not be monsters on the outside but can be on the inside,” sophomore Olivia Callander said. “People are judged on their looks versus their intelligence.”

In class, students reviewed how to structure papers and weave quotes. Last night’s homework was to pick a topic and write a thesis statement.

“I think we covered just the tip of the iceberg with Frankenstein,” Allen said, “I am really looking forward to seeing everyone’s take on it.”