IB seniors complete forensic simulations


Mason Cooney

Seniors Rachel Cramer and Sophie Mack complete a blood spatter lab in physics. Students in all sciences completed labs relating to Forensics as part of an IB Science requirement.

Mason Cooney, Copy Editor

WEB EXCLUSIVE International Baccalaureate seniors solved simulated murder cases in class as part of an interdisciplinary science activity required by the IB Programme.

“I did a lab that investigated how physics can be used to analyze blood spatter patterns in crime scenes,” senior Emma Hubbard said. “We observed the size of blood droplets to determine the distance from which blood was shed.”

The Group Four Project allows students to analyze a topic that relates to all disciplines of Science. Physics, Biology and Chemistry students completed labs relating to forensics, this year’s topic chosen by the IB year two science teachers.

“It is meant as a collaborative effort to stray from the everyday learning we are doing,” Physics teacher Matt Woodard said. “Some variety is nice for the seniors.”

Students will present to each other Tuesday to explain how their respective science can be applied to forensics.

“I think it is really interesting how we have different areas of expertise, and we are working with one another to broaden our knowledge,” senior Abby Anderson, who completed a DNA fingerprinting lab as part of Biology, said.

Other topics included ballistics for Physics, blood typing for Biology and ink and chemical analysis for Chemistry.

“It is a nice culmination of a year and a half worked very hard and a way to tickle another part of the brain,” Woodard said.