Theology project educates students on indigenous cultures


Madeline Thiara

Freshman Livi Webb-Purkis works on her indigenous culture presentation in Google Slides. Webb-Purkis is doing her project on the Kulung culture of Nepal.

Madeline Thiara, Reporter

WEB EXCLUSIVE Freshmen in the Question of Religion & Society class are working on a project meant to educate them on indigenous cultures and various native tribes around the world.

“I think knowing about overlooked people is very important to our learning,” theology teacher Kate McMichael said. “Giving students the tools to have a broader vision of indigenous groups is very helpful.”

The project gives students an opportunity to learn more about either an indigenous group or an issue pertaining to indigenous communities, according to McMichael.

“I am doing my presentation on how women and girls are treated in different indigenous tribes,” freshman Brit Paulson said. “This project really made me come to an awareness about how less fortunate girls my age live.”

The class has been focusing on the unit “Ancient Wisdom, Today’s World”, and concentrating on indigenous people and issues for the past two weeks.

“I think this project is a great way to learn about indigenous culture and the people that came before us,” freshman Nina Gutierrez said. “I am studying the Berber tribe of Morocco and am excited to teach my class about them.”