Student body assembles


Kiki Apple and Andreas Camahort, student body presidents of Convent and Stuart Hall, discuss the carnival theme. The assembly also addressed new class rules, dress code and an opportunity to take part in a diversity conference.

Sophia Aeby, Video Editor

WEB EXCLUSIVE Convent & Stuart Hall students and faculty gathered in Syufy Theatre after F Period today for the first coed assembly of the school year.

Theater program director Margaret Hee, performing arts teacher Grace Renaud and theater manager Chris Miller began the assembly by having students and faculty make silly faces, hand gestures and theatrical noises to get everyone comfortable in the space.

“It was fun, really enthusiastic and got you going,” freshman Madeira O’Donnell said. “It was also cool seeing the whole school in one room and it made it feel like one big family.”

Following the warm-up, Student Body Presidents Kiki Apple and Andreas Camahort came on stage to remind everyone about the Tropical Glow Dance.

Co-Chairs of Community Life Paul Pryor Lorentz and Michael Buckley also hosted a game of HQ Trivia style questions addressing new class rules and dress code.

“We have a couple of changes in the way we are interpreting some of the rules in the community, so I think it is just fair to the kids to make sure everyone is on the same page,” Buckley said. “I’m excited for the new year, and think these changes will be healthy for our community.”

Freshman Chair Allyson Maebert ended the assembly with a short presentation about a student diversity leadership conference for sophomores and juniors in Nashville.

“Being with the whole school was nice since it was integrated with activities, not making it feel so harsh,” junior Malinalli Cervantes said. “Enforcing the fact that we are a family and that we love each other and support each other, during a time where many of us are struggling with huge workloads, is very lovely.”