Classes resume after break


Jordan Russell

Seniors Francesca Petruzzelli and Annabelle Leung work on math during their first day back from Spring break. The last day of classes for seniors is May 18 with graduation following the next week on May 25.

Jordan Russell, Senior Reporter

WEB EXCLUSIVE As the halls of Convent and Stuart Hall filled with students and faculty returning from break today, many individuals began preparing for transitions ahead as the end of the school year draws near.

“Spring break was a really nice time to [relax],” junior Caroline Phillipps said. “I’m glad we have that time to rest up before all of the craziness happens at the close of the semester.”

For some students, such as junior Amelia Estes, the last quarter brings many shifts and transitions as the seniors embark on their college journies.

“Juniors right are all starting the college application process now,” Estes said. “We’re also starting to transition to becoming seniors and it’s a lot of different things to balance at once.”

With the senior class graduating early on May 25, many students use the remaining parts of the semester to spend time with the departing class.

“I’m really going to miss the seniors when they leave,” Phillipps said. “They are a really great class and we’re going to have some pretty big shoes to fill.”

In addition to spending time with departing friends, finishing the year strong is important according to sophomore Nisrine Rahmaoui.

“My advice for the [fourth quarter] would be to just make sure to get all your work done to your best ability,” Rahmaoui said. “It’s going to be okay, just give it your all.”