Cub bats for Knights

Freshman pursues athletic interest on SHHS team.


Megan Mullins

Freshman Cecilia McQuaid throws during practice with the Stuart Hall High School varsity baseball team. The team’s next game is Tuesday, March 27 against the Archbishop Riordan High School Crusaders.

When the Stuart Hall High School varsity baseball team takes the field this season, it will have some fresh talent in the outfield — with a ponytail.

Freshman Cecilia McQuaid has played baseball since sixth grade with Little League and school teams. While some lineups were coed, McQuaid has played as the only girl on her team for most of her baseball career.

“I really like baseball, so I just wanted to play,” McQuaid said. “There wasn’t really anything different about it. All of the experiences I’ve had playing are really positive. ”

McQuaid knew she wanted to play baseball in high school, but Convent’s lack of a team was not a concern when enrolling, according to McQuaid’s mother Moira Walsh.

“When she was looking at schools during the admissions process, it was something that she came out front line and center and asked any school that she visited,” Walsh said. “Convent was super open about the fact that it would be possible, and so she was delighted by that response.”

After implementing team values focused on family and unity, coach Brian Ceinar says having McQuaid on the SHHS team is just like receiving any other freshman.

“They’ve welcomed her just like if it was another boy on the team,” Ceinar said. “High school baseball is a sport that she loves to play, and I want to help her achieve her goals. She’s already conquered one goal — she made the team. It’s just getting her to work hard and contribute to the team on the field.”