A pigment of your imagination


Olivia Mohun, City Life Editor

The pop-up Color Factory museum opened the doors of its rainbow-striped building to the public this August in Union Square after months of anticipation, becoming an instant hotspot for both tourists and locals, with tickets sold out through the month of September.

Dedicated to all things colorful and self-described as a “playground of pigment,” the museum boasts 12,000 square feet, two stories and 15 featured works of interactive color including a giant ball pit visitors can swim in, a room full of confetti visitors are encouraged to throw or roll in, and a 10,000 ribbon grid by Swedish artist Jacob Dahlgren that spectators may navigate their way through.

“We’ve brought together this talented group of artists and creatives, with a deep love for color, to make these delightful experiences,” Jordan Ferney, Founder and Chief Officer at Oh Happy Day, the design group that curates the exhibits, said.

The colorful space also features a scratch-and-sniff wall full of nostalgic scents and a yellow-themed gift shop full to the brim of strictly yellow souvenirs.

“My cousin won two tickets to the museum through work, so we went together,” junior Worth Taylor said. “I first heard about the factory through social media, but the visit definitely exceeded my expectations as every room was overwhelmingly full of color.”

Visitors can take pictures in photo booths scattered throughout the museum to document their time and sample edible creations such as macarons by Chantal Guillon and Garden Creamery soft serve ice cream in flavors such as roasted pineapple.

The factory taps into different, less traditional forms of art, according to Taylor.

“Getting to interact with the art in a museum is such a unique experience,” Taylor said. “I think pop-up museums like the Color Factory are a really fun way to reach out to younger audiences.”

Ticket details and museum updates are available at http://www.colorfactory.co/.