SHCOG concludes visit with reading of goals evaluation


Commission member Angela LaGrange Scott addresses faculty, staff and students regarding goal two. Scott is the database manager of the Regis School of the Sacred Heart in Houston and will fly back to Houston today.

Arianna Nassiri, Reporter

The Sacred Heart Commission On Goals (SHCOG) concluded their five-day Convent & Stuart Hall visit and accreditation with a formal reading of their evaluation.

“We are part of a network of schools who are to live out the goals and criteria in our own individual way,” history teacher Michael Stafford said. “Every five or six years, we are given the task of self-contemplation. We think deeply about how we are living out these goals. It is great that there is a formal, built in structure and process for this self-assessment.”

The evaluation team was made up of five individuals, all faculty and staff at Sacred Heart schools within the US whose purpose is to evaluate the schools on their living out of the goals of a Sacred Heart school. The evaluation covered how the schools successfully live out these goals, as well as how they can improve on them.]

“Most of what they suggested we had already written in our strategic plan,” President Anne Marie Krejcarek said. “I don’t think that there is much there that we hadn’t already identified, but now identifying some more specific initiatives within the plan, with the help of this faculty-staff strategic council, is an insight that we, as a community, appreciate.”

Select students, alumni, parents and faculty, on separate occasions, met with the commission regarding how they see the school community living out the mission and values of the five goals.

“I spoke to the SHCOG, and hearing their questions really made me realize how Convent really does an amazing job at living out the goals,” freshman Kate Baker said. “Goal four, wise freedom, has always been the most important to me, and Convent does a fabulous job at allowing that wise freedom while, at the same time, educating students on how to make use of that freedom in an educated, mature manner.”