Students raise money for California fire relief using 3-D printer


Caroline Thompson

Art Council Representative Isabella Bermejo cleans up the edges of the words “California Strong” on a heart-shaped pin. After the edges are clean, the pins will be spray painted purple before being sold.

Caroline Thompson, Reporter

WEB EXCLUSIVE  The Art Council began efforts to raise money to support victims of the California fires by designing 3-D printed pins to be sold to the high school student body.

“We wanted to do something to help support victims of the fires,” sophomore and council member Margaret Millar said. “After a fashion-engineering workshop, the council decided to sell 3-D printed pins. One is shaped like California with a heart cut-out that says ‘Hope’ and the other is heart shaped with California cut out that says ‘California Strong.’”

The money the council makes from the pins will be given to the Director of Student Life Devin DeMartini Cooke, who will determine the best way donate the money to the fires recovery efforts.

“Hundreds of artists in California have already raised over $100,000 by selling their art or putting their art on tee-shirts or bags,” junior Isabella Bermejo, who is one of the Arts Council Representatives, said. “I wanted to be a part of that as an artist and I have access to the school resources, so if I can get involved then why not.”

The project directly relates to the third goal of the Network of Sacred Heart Schools, which calls for students to not only be aware of what is happening around them but to also take steps to change things when the students find issues they care about.

“Awareness and the ability to talk intelligently about the world around you is important,” Student Life Director Annie Egan said.“It’s a core tenant of what we believe as a school which allows our students to develop into their fully formed self.”

The pins will be sold on Wednesday Oct. 25 in the Main Hall for $5.