Volleyball seniors celebrated during last home game


Jemima Scott

Senior Alayna Wong and Athletic Director Elena De Santis hug after Wong is called up as the first senior recognized of the night. De Santis honored each of the three seniors with short and personal speeches.

Estie Seligman, Reporter

WEB EXCLUSIVE  The volleyball program gathered this evening to honor the accomplishments of the seniors and their commitment to the team.

All three volleyball teams played Lick-Wilmerding in the Herbert Center. This year’s seniors Julia Alvarez, Alayna Wong and Candice Weinman were recognized for their contribution to the program.

“It’s a great tradition that I have always looked forward to since I was a freshman,” Alvarez said. “Getting the chance to go up with your family in front of the community is heartwarming and makes all the hard work we do during practice worth it.”

Senior Night occurs on the last home game of the regular season, according to Athletics Director Associate Cody Lee Fusco, who is also the assistant coach of the varsity volleyball team.

“Before the night we make posters for all of the seniors and decorate the gym,” Bella Shea, co-captain of the varsity team, said. “Each senior on the team is read a short speech and given a bouquet of flowers before we play.”

The program not only recognizes Convent players but also chooses to applaud seniors from the opposing team and offers them each a rose.

“The fact the seniors are honored the last home game is really something special,” Alvarez said. “A lot of the community turns up for Senior Night and as I was one of the three up there tonight, it really reminded me of what a special place Convent is.”