Computer II class celebrates semester end


Emily Kanellos

Sophomore Kate Etter reaches for a doughnut during the Computer II class’s end of the semester party. The class chatted about their plans for summer during the period.

Emily Kanellos, Reporter

The Computer II class celebrated their last class of the semester with an in-class breakfast featuring coffee, donuts, and bagels.   

Computer teacher Doug Grant initially planned for a final test, but he decided against it when the class scored well on a test a week ago, proving their comprehension and understanding.

“At first I was super scared to take [Doug] Grant’s class because I did not know what to expect,” sophomore Maggie Walter said. “Little did I know, computers would end up being one of my favorite classes, and I hope to pursue coding later in high school.”

Grant taught Beginner’s All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code to two sections of sophomores in the fall and one section in the spring.

“Mr. Grant is an amazing teacher and through his class I found my interest in computer science that I didn’t know was there,” sophomore Delaney Tobin said. “I plan on taking AP Computer Science next year.”

Sophomores turned in their final project today — a program which could reserve and cancel airline seats. They also had to write code that would redirect a customer who tried to reserve or cancel more seats than were available, a new concept for the class.

“All of the sophomores achieved success and demonstrated a fundamental knowledge in coding,” Grant said. “The idea [behind the party] was to end the year as a community and have the chance to reflect on all that we have accomplished.”

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