Scholastic Journalism Week offers learning opportunities


Olivia Mohun

A Journalism 1 class practices the rule of thirds, a basic principle of news photography. The class took action shots around campus before returning to the Publications Lab to share with the group.

Olivia Mohun, Reporter

The community will celebrate journalism this week through a variety of educational opportunities in honor of Scholastic Journalism Week.

“This week, we wanted a time where we could debunk the mystique behind how we get the paper out and how we publish things online right when they happen,” Lisabelle Panossian, Editor-in-Chief of The Broadview, said. “That idea of looking at the inner workings of what scholastic journalism is and subsequently how that works inside of mainstream media.”

Scholastic Journalism Week, which is officially recognized by the National Scholastic Press Association next week but will be celebrated this week due to a conflict with Winter Break, is a great opportunity to learn about the media, according to freshman journalism student Jacqui Carlson.

“Right now with everything going on, after the election and inauguration, the media is crucial to finding out information and it’s a way to tell the truth to the people,” Carlson said. “It’s important to stay informed and know how to censor what you read.”

The Broadview staff will host numerous workshops throughout the week including themed days  highlighting topics such as how to take action shots and the importance of the First Amendment  in relation to reporting.

“People want to know more about their rights in terms of the first amendment,” Panossian said. “People in this country possess certain rights and are entitled to certain rights. If we don’t know them, then how can we enforce them on people who decide to threaten them?”