Chinese New Year assembly hosts dance and singing group

The Han ethnic group perform “A Hundred Flowers Blossom with Beauty” dance. The dresses represented the beauty of flowers, water and fire.

Asha Khanna, Copy Editor

To celebrate the Year of the Rooster, the Sichuan Dance and Singing Group from Sichuan, China performed a variety of traditional Chinese dances and music at a special assembly Friday.

Junior Jocelyn Shilakes and freshman Neo Kounalakis narrated the performance in both Mandarin and English, and students in all levels of Mandarin classes helped prepare decorations and props for the assembly.

“It was definitely an honor to be able to introduce Madame Qiao Li from the Consulate,” Shilakes said about a guest from the San Francisco Chinese Consulate. “Because we had to introduce every act, we also had to learn about the meaning behind each performance.”

Performances ranged from a rare changing of the masks dance to acrobat stunts.

“The acrobats were phenomenal because, to trust someone to balance on their neck only, is insane,” junior Francesca Petruzzelli said. “I think it would be great if there were more opportunities like this for future holidays.”