Class time used for early AP prep

Asha Khanna, Copy Editor

Although the two dreaded weeks of AP tests do not occur until May, many students are already wrapping up new material and are beginning to prepare specifically for the tests in class.

“Last year, Mr. Cinti had us prepare months in advance for the AP Biology test,” senior Hailey Long said. “The most helpful thing you can do is start studying early.”

Long says her AP Calculus AB class will finish learning material mid-February, allotting just under three months of in-class time for reviewing for the test.

“I’m glad we have a lot of study time in class,” junior Isabel Elgin said. “If we weren’t directed by teachers this early on, I probably wouldn’t take the time to start on my own until much later.”

Elgin says her AP United States History class is using class time to learn more about the different types of questions, such as how the test graders score essays and short answers.

“This is my first year taking AP tests, so I like how in APUSH we have spent time breaking down each section of the test,” Elgin said.

AP tests will be administered between May 1 and May 12.