Fall Art Preview highlights student work


Freshman Peyton House stands inside of the voting booth in Belvedere. The booth was created by the Freshmen Art Foundation Class and was displayed on Nov. 8 as part of the Visual Art Department’s Fall Art Preview.

Mira White and Emma Hubbard

Visual Art classes curated the Fall Art Preview to celebrate and express students’ creativity around all four school campuses throughout the fall.

“Our Fall Preview highlights student artwork, collaborations, field trips and exhibitions of this season in effort to demonstrate our K-12 learning in and through the arts,” art teacher Rachel McIntire said.

Seventh grade portraits depicting “Courageous Hearts and Confident Minds” hung in the Grant Stairway at Convent Elementary School, while high school freshmen curated an exhibition about voting in the Belvedere, and Stuart Hall displayed an installation called the “The Book Speaks.”

“It invites the rest of the community to see what’s going on with students as well as our exhibitions,” McIntire said.  

The freshmen installation, inspired by a voting booth, was part of the “Cultivating Democracy” exhibit, inspired by the Presidential Election and engaging students in the action.

“It focused on creating a Democratic space in a K-12 environment,” freshman Lauren Tully said.

Inside the voting box, students could decide whether issues of people, the environment, or justice were most important to them. Each category had its own wall of sticky notes, which students were allowed to pull off, revealing a drawing underneath.  

“It definitely represented that everybody has their say and that it’s important to vote because if no one votes you won’t be able to see the important drawing behind, which really represents what our school is about,” said Tully.