Lack of wireless connection disrupts classes

Catherine Webb-Purkis and Dena Silver

WiFi was down for the entire Broadway campus until the end of C Block today, causing widespread disruptions in class activity.

Lack of internet connection caused external drive platforms such as Google Drive to be unaccessible without a personal hotspot, which led to many deadlines and tests being postponed.

“Luckily I have a WiFi hotspot which I use when I commute from Marin,” theology teacher Kate McMichael said, “So I was able to use it with all of my devices.”

WiFi hotspots are tools that use cellular data from an individual’s phone as a WiFi connection for other devices, but use a significant quantity of both cellular data and battery life — resulting in many students and teachers being left with no internet connection throughout the day.

“It was both really frustrating [and] a blessing in disguise,” freshman Malinalli Cervantes said. “Some of my work was pushed back. But I have an English paper due and we had a work day — but I couldn’t work on it [with no internet].”

Students and teachers found it inconvenient to not have access to laptops, where a majority of the class work is located, according to freshman Jacqui Carlson.

“It was harder in the afternoon with multiple students and multiple hotspots,” McMichael said. “Life [with WiFi] is tough in a school that is mostly paperless.”