World Teachers’ Day prompts honor for faculty


Jordan Russel

English teacher Mark Botti spends World Teachers’ Day in the Center talking to freshman Isabella Parmenter. Botti stated that he finds time to teach students even when not in the classroom.

Natalia Varni and Jordan Russell

Gratitude was shared throughout the halls amongst some students and faculty about “World Teachers’ Day” in recognition for teachers all over the globe.  

Some faculty celebrated the teacher appreciation day by recalling why they enjoy teaching.

“The thing that I like most is those moments in the classroom when my students get these kinds of ‘aha’ moments,” history teacher Michael Stafford said, “when things finally start to click for them in terms of skills or content that we are working on, that is something that I really enjoy being a part of.”

Many students, including freshman Arianna Nassiri, recognized their teachers’ hard work by wishing them a “Happy World Teachers’ Day” in the halls.

“The teachers do so much work, being a teacher is an extremely difficult job.” Nassiri said. “I know that students can be hard to deal with, and I have empathy for teachers and know how hard it is to make a lesson plan.”

Education is one of the most important things that someone can get, according to sophomore Caroline Phillipps.

“You need education to understand everything,” Phillipps said. “Teachers are the people that give you that understanding.”

Some students and faculty celebrated the importance of having teachers and students in their lives.

“The faculty here are so loving, dedicated and professional,” Stafford said. “I am really lucky to be among them.”